Amber Rose nude beach pictures! (Instagram)

Fresh from a fued with Kim Kardashian, over who is trashier referring to the nude pictures that came out, Amber Rose is back in the game, posting nude pictures on her Instagram account. It’s a surprise they didn’t get removed yet. They aren’t exactly nude as that you can see her vagina, but they’re still very much worth looking at. We posted them here for you to see. Click here to see more Amber Rose nude pictures!

amber-rose-nude-beach-2 amber-rose-nude-beach-1

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Amber Rose nude picture leaks 2014! (NSFW)

Amber Rose is a very appealing hip hop model, actress, artist and also a fashion designer. You probably know her for her relationships with the most famous hip hop stars, first Kanye West and now Wiz Khalifa. She has been in the spotlight for many years because of this.

She is currently in a fued with the Kardashians, calling each other whores on Twitter and being generally childish. Here are the scandals that you have been hearing about from the two.

This beautiful bald lady has the curves as is not shy to show it. She has done several photoshoots for magazines and “dressed up naked” for show, going to events with barely any clothing on. That’s the way we like it! The past few years a lot of private pictures of her have been leaking. We’ve got them first, and want to share them with you. She claims it was Kanye who leaked them, but others claim she leaked it for attention.

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